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Novel Ingredients from Seaweed Extracts (NISE)


Deepdock Ltd is a company involved in the cultivation of the common mussel, M. edulis. The methodology applied to perform the task of cultivation is bottom culture otherwise known as the Dutch method. Deepdock Ltd operates on 2 areas leased from the North Wales and North Western Sea Fisheries Committee in Holyhead and in Swansea Bay, and has two major boats. The company intends to co-cultivate mussels and seaweeds.

Leslie Parsons & Sons ltd is the major producer of laverbread, a traditional Welsh food, made of Laver, Porphyra Umbilicalis. The company is expected to increase sales after publicising information on interesting bioactives present in the laver. It will contribute with samples, and support studies on collection of wild seaweeds.

BioCatalyst Ltd is a specialist enzyme producer, involved in the development and manufacture of enzyme entities for the food and beverages, environmental, protein and textile industries.

Marlow-Foods is the producer of Quorn. This project will look at the possible substitution of egg white with seaweed protein in Quorn formulations. If successful this will allow the products to be developed for the vegan market and will help reduce the carbon footprint of the Quorn drastically.

Beaumaris Ltd is a technology provider, specialised in wet biorefinery processing. The company directors have developed a patented process, which has been the basis of a plant in Scandinavia, and is the first wet biorefinery producing oat betaglucans in Europe. The Company expect to licence technology of wet biorefinery processing in Wales.

Nandi is a technology provider for the food industry, specialising in protein processing, the company works closely with Marlow Food.

New Food Innovations
  has expertise in open innovation and new product development. The company will assist the food producers to develop new products and applications formulated with the seaweed extracts.

Unilever is a global brand and will be a key stakeholder in the project providing advice, mentoring and analysis of the products for the consortium.

Academic partners at Bangor University
 are within the College of Natural Sciences. Seaweed cultivation expertise is through the School of Ocean Sciences and The Centre for Applied Marine Sciences. This is an internationally recognised centre of excellence that is working to help the marine industry in Wales. It works on a range of applied projects and transfers technologies to the marine sector. Expertise in biomass fractionation and critical CO2 extraction is through the expertise within the Welsh Institute for Natural Resources and the Biocomposites Centre.