Novel Ingredients from Seaweed Extracts (NISE)
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Novel Ingredients from Seaweed Extracts (NISE)

Meet the Team

The Academic Team

Dr. Rob Elias, Welsh Institute for Natural Resources (WINR), Bangor University
Rob is Director of the WINR and manages a range of industry focussed projects that are seeking to develop biobased products. In this project he will have overall management responsibility and will oversee and facilitate the resources needed to achieve the project aims. Rob has a track record in project management with over 15 years experience in delivering R&D collaborations. He is a champion in the biobased sector and has expertise in new product development. He has a technical background in material chemistry and has held senior positions in industry.

Prof Ray Marroitt, WINR
Ray is an expert in the extraction of biomass materials using critical CO2 extraction. He has industrial experience in the development of biobased extraction businesses and is a UK expert in this sector.

Dr Adam Charlton, WINR
Adam is managing and running the BEACON project. He is a research chemist and has over 20 years experience in the management of science based projects. His current role is the management of the new formed BioProducts and BioRefinery Technology Transfer Centre. This will be the location for the pilot scale production facility for wet fractionation.

Dr. Lewis LeVay, School of Ocean Sciences (SOS), Bangor University
Lewis Le Vay BSc is a Senior Lecturer in Aquaculture and academic lead of the Applied Marine Biology Group in the Centre for Applied Marine Sciences. Over 20 years experience in aquaculture.

Dr. Jonathan King, Centre for Applied Marine Science (CAMS), SOS
Dr Jon King is Deputy Director of the Centre for Applied Marine Sciences where he manages and participates in applied research projects that support industry needs. He has 22 years experience in commercial and applied marine science including field survey, consultancy and aquaculture. Relevant projects currently in progress are in the areas of mariculture, including offshore aquaculture, renewables and multi-sector use of offshore sites. In this project he will participate in the seaweed production work package.

The Industrial Team

Colin Macdonald, Leslie Parsons & Sons Ltd
Managing director of Leslie Parson & Sons for the last 10 years. The company employs 25 full time employees at its base in Burry Port It has won numerous awards for the quality of the food, such as the Contribution to Sustainable Development (C2SD) award at the True Taste Awards.

James Wilson, Deepdock Ltd
Managing director and owner of Deepdock. James Wilson has an MSc in Ocean Sciences, and created the company from scratch. It has now two major vessels and is the biggest mussel producer in the UK.

Andrew Ellis, BioCatalyst Ltd
Research and Development manager. Andrew manages the New Product Development team and is responsible for driving innovation, as well as generating new product ideas to ensure that the company stays at the forefront of technological advancement.

Prof. Mark Lawther, Beaumaris Technology Ltd
MD. Professor Mark Lawther is an academic that takes innovation to industrial. He has developed the concept of wet-biorefining having several patents on the field. He set up the first plant using wet biorefinery concepts to produce oat beta-glucan in Sweden (Biovelop)

Tim Finnegan, Marlow Foods

Tim Finnegan is the MD of Marlow Food. He is a known specialist of mycoprotein production, having a range of patents in the area.

Lydia Campbell, Nandi Protein Ltd

Lydia is the Chief technology officer at Nandi. She had been working as head of protein research for Nestle, and has been instrumental in setting up Nandi Protein. The company will work as technology supplier for Marlow Foods.

Alan Marson, New Food Innovation

Alan has worked 30 years for Rank Hovis McDougall and Premier. He has set up business on new products starting from scratch to up to £50 millions sales revenue. He has now set up his own company and will drive innovation in the project.

Neil Pary, Unilever

Neil is the Head of Disruptive supply chain innovation and would act as a stakeholder in the project.