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Wet Fractionation

Bespoke wet biomass fractionation equipment at the BioRefining Technology Transfer Centre

The BioComposites Centre is currently investing in pilot scale, wet biomass fractionation equipment that will be installed at the BioProducts and BioRefining-Technology Transfer Centre, located at Mona on the Island of Anglesey. The equipment will be commissioned by Easter  2013  and will be used to fractionate wet biomass (plant material) into a series of high value products for  applications in the food, nutraceuticals and cosmetics sectors. The aim of the equipment  will be to demonstrate to industry that enzymes, rather than chemicals can be utilised to breakdown the biomass into its component parts.

Critical to this investment is the design of a bespoke system that is flexible and uses state of the art processing techniques for the wet biomass.

The pilot scale demonstration facility will be used to process a wide range of feedstocks from grains (e.g. oats and rice), oilseeds (e.g. rapeseed), fruit and vegetable residues and marine biomass.