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Novel Ingredients from Seaweed Extracts (NISE)

About us

The NISE project investigates the culture of selected species of native seaweeds, and the subsequent use of their extractives in high value applications such as functional food additives and as functional additives for the cosmetics sector.

A Novel Approach

The focus of the project is on the isolation of high value, low volume speciality chemicals, which is a radically different approach from other current projects in this sector. For example, the EnAlgae programme is focused on the production of high volume, low commodity products, such as biofuels, from algae.

High Value Sustainable Supply Chain

The project facilitates the use of Welsh native seaweeds, produced via marine-culture associated with existing mussel production. Fractionated feedstocks will be isolated for subsequent downstream conversion to high value products for the food and cosmetics industry. Bangor University has an internationally recognised track record in both marine aquaculture and the extraction of plant chemicals from biomass. This expertise will assist Welsh SMEs involved in the production, preprocessing and use of seaweed based fractions to deliver a range of products as part of an integrated supply chain.